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AllStyle Coil Company, L.P. commenced operations in May of 1990.  Between the years of 1990 and 2000 factory operations grew from 40,000 square feet to over 750,000 square feet, making AllStyle Coil Company the largest independent coil manufacturer in the United States.  AllStyle is owned, wholly by The Martin Family.  Mr. Lendell had over 60 years of experience in the air conditioning and refrigeration industry, and held numerous design patents, and today still the Martin Family continues working to develop new products.  Mr. Martin has owned and operated a HVAC contracting company and is the founder of the Red-T Coil Company, with a firm understanding of both the customer and contractor, AllStyle has become the leader in HVAC innovation.

AllStyle continues increasing production with each innovative product.  AllStyle is the premier independent coil manufacturer in the AHRI Certification Program and strives to continue to build products of quality and durability at a competitive price.  The product inventory has increased to include a broad range of air handlers, hydronic heat units, gas furnaces, and heat pumps.

AllStyle ascendancy has resulted from the establishment of alliances with distributors, prompt delivery of products, outstanding technical assistance, and customer service.

Manufacturing Process

AllStyle defines a quality coil as a coil that meets or exceeds the manufacturers matched system design specifications. AllStyle products begin with material that meets stringent quality control specifications. Suppliers are selected on their ability to supply quality material as specified. Before shipment, all material is thoroughly inspected by the vendors to ensure they meet the necessary specifications.

AllStyle quality products are the result of a combination of high quality material, efficient manufacturing processes, and superior personnel. Fabrication machinery is regularly calibrated according to preset cycle schedules. The company has in-house training for production personnel. Products are tested internally and externally to ensure that they meet established specifications. The management of AllStyle is continuously involved in the daily supervision of product fabrication, assembly and testing. All products are date-coded and tracked to wholesale distributors. In the event of any product failures are identified, the units are immediately returned to the factory for re-analysis.  Any  failures are traced to their source and production adjustments are made to prevent future problems.  Should a failed product analysis identify a problem in a production run or in the design, a recall would be immediately issued for the affected products. We, at AllStyle recognize the importance of every employee in maintaining our commitment to quality. Production personnel are trained to properly fabricate and assemble the components of the finished products. The assignment of inspectors is based on proven performance of assigned work tasks and a heightened understanding of the desired finished product. Inspectors are respectively identified with the finished goods, and all AHRI Certification are supplanted before shipping.

Long Term Goals

The future of AllStyle will include new innovative products that fit the needs of the current and future market.  Factory expansion to support increased growth is underway with future innovations being considered.  AllStyle is a privately held corporation and invests in the future to improve the manufacturing, testing, design and development processes to ensure superior products reach the market in a timely fashion.

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