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ABA Series +80 AFUE Gas Furnaces

  • ABA Series +80 AFUE Gas Furnaces


  • Model: ABA
  • Versatile: One model fits any need: upflow, horizontal, or (with an easy 10-minute conversion) downflow.
  • Efficient: Computer designed heat exchanger and burner system provide quiet, dependable 80%+ heating efficiency.
  • Compact: Fits anywhere, only 31 5/8" tall. Allows space for add-on equipment including new 13 SEER coils.
  • Quiet: Four-speed split capacitor blower motor provides quiet comfort to meet individual heating and cooling needs throughout the home.
  • Quick and Easy to install and service. Return duct can enter from right, left or bottom.
  • The proven SparkLite ignition system provides reliable, efficient spark ignition to light the main burners.
  • Self diagnostics: the fan timer features self-diagnostics and monitors all furnace functions for safe, reliable operation.
  • Propane: Conversion kits are available.
  • Reliable: Every sub-assembly is thoroughly tested before it is installed in the furnace.

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